THIS is the seed coating breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology is an exciting new breakthrough in seed enhancement technology. This innovative technology allows the seed to carry its own protection against adverse growing conditions.

The groundbreaking technique gives seed companies the opportunity to coat for stress performance and provides a number of additional benefits beyond the scope of traditional seed coatings.

How It Works

When rainfall or irrigation is applied, Aquatrols’ patented soil surfactant coating washes off the seed, creating a hydrophilic conduit beneath the seed.

The conduit acts as a bridge between the soil surface and subsoil moisture to allow immediate availability to water once the seed germinates.

Traditional Seed Coating vs. Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology:


Traditional seed coatings enable seed companies to coat down to a price with limited benefit.  With Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology, seed coaters can now coat for stress performance.

Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology also provides additional benefits beyond the scope of traditional coatings.

  • Maximizes water efficiency in the soil and enables the seedlings to access more water

  • It’s an abiotic stress management tool that minimizes  the effects of severe drought and heat stress

  • Maximizes seed performance

  • Ensures customers a quality grass stand under less  than ideal growing conditions

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