Prevent Water Repellency and Promote Turf Uniformity

Primer 604® is a high performance soil surfactant that lays the foundation of an effective rootzone management program.  It is safe for all turf species throughout the entire growing season and in all climates.

Benefits of Primer 604:

  • Prevents water repellency issues

  • Promotes turf uniformity

  • Establishes the desired “matrix flow” in the rootzone

  • Flexible application rates fit different soil types and conditions

Season-Long Protection Against Water Repellency

Combat Water Repellency

Primer 604 reduces soil water repellency that commonly occurs in the thatch and upper 1-2 inches of the soil profile of highly managed turf, particularly putting greens.

By managing soil hydrophobicity, Primer 604 enhances the penetration and infiltration of water into the rootzone throughout the growing season.

Fingered Flow

Computer enhanced photo showing “Fingered Flow” water movement through an untreated USGA sand green profile.

Matrix Flow with Primer Select

Computer enhanced photo showing “Matrix Flow” (uniform downward and lateral flow) through a USGA sand green profile treated with Primer 604.

Application Rate:

Apply 125 mL/100 m² in 7.5 litres of water.  Reapply at monthly intervals or as required.

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