Making the Most of Water and Soil Applied Inputs

IrrigAid® Gold is a patented technology that enhances uniform movement of irrigation water and rainfall in agricultural soil. IrrigAid Gold:

  • Improves the availability of water and nutrients to the plant

  • Improves infiltration allowing water and nutrients to move into the rootzone

  • Improves the lateral movement of water

  • Improves penetrability of compacted soils

  • Improves the distribution of nutrients

  • Reduces soil crusting

Get the most out of water and soil applied inputs with IrrigAid® Gold!

Where Water Goes, Everything Else Follows

Better Water Movement

Water works as the transport vehicle in soil. If water is not moving through the soil and being distributed properly, neither are the important inputs that it carries.

Water follows the path of least resistance. Untreated soils can be subject to irregular wetting patterns with water moving through faster in some areas and bypassing other areas altogether.

IrrigAid Gold encourages the formation of a more stable wetting front, moving water, fertilizer and other inputs more uniformly through the soil profile. It helps to moderate solute mobility through the soil so that more of it can be taken up and utilized by the plant.

IrrigAid Gold ensures that your entire crop gets not only the water it needs, but also the fertilizers and other soil-applied inputs incorporated into your crop management program.

A field trial conducted in Victoria, Australia in 2007-2008 shows that IrrigAid Gold increases volumetric water content throughout the rootzone, moving more water deeper for more comprehensive access by the crop.

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